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Chrysler was founded by Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925, when the car company Maxwell Motor Company was being reorganized as Chrysler Corporation Walter.

At first, Chrysler had entered the Maxwell-Chalmers car company at the threshold of the 1920s. He was recruited at the company to take over and fix the company’s chaos at the time. End of 1923, Chalmers Automobile’s production was stopped.

In January 1924, Walter Chrysler launched a brand new Chrysler 70 car. A 6 cylinder engined car with good quality, high technology, and a fairly affordable price at that time.

The first Chrysler which was launched in 1924 was equipped with carburetor air filters, high compressed engines, high-pressure lubricants, and oil filters where most similar cars in his day were not equipped with this technology.

Another innovation is the use of hydraulic brakes on all four wheels of the car. Chrysler is also a pioneer in installing machines with rubber so that it can reduce vibration. After the emergence of the Chrysler brand, the Maxwell brand was later disbanded in 1925. The technological advancements used by Chrysler made the company the second most selling car in the United States in 1936. They managed to maintain it until 1949.

Chrysler 300C Specifications



For many people, the name Chrysler 300C is still unfamiliar to the ear.

Some people even thought this car was a Bentley assembly. Because it is recognized, at first glance the shape of this American saloon reminds us of the nuances of aristocratic cars from England.

But, Chrysler 300C is not Bentley. It was a collaboration between Daimler and Chrysler when they were still side by side in a business alliance.

This large sedan was introduced in 2003 at the New York Auto Show, as a concept car. The first unit went on sale a year later.

Chrysler 300C was born with the characteristics of an American car that has a wide body with a low roof.

With a composition like that, this saloon appears masculine. As per its specifications, the Chrysler 300C is in the executive saloon market, an area that is also inhabited by Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5-Series, and Audi A6.

Can the Chrysler 300C compete?


Because Chrysler 300C carries features that are not much different from its rivals. In some sectors, it feels better, although there are also drawbacks.

  1. Design and Engineering

Chrysler 300C comes with an unusual form for the Asian market. However, this very bold design illustrates its own identity. A car with a long bonnet, high ground clearance, and thick wheel circumference.

All of that reflects the establishment and elegance.

However, behind that distinctive figure, the 300C shares components with the Mercedes-Benz E-class.

One of them is the Mercedes W210 model, also known as the first generation Mercy New Eyes. Parts that share components include the car sub-structure, rear suspension, wiring harness, steering column, and 5-speed automatic transmission.

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The double-wishbone front suspension was also taken from the Mercedes W220 (generation 5-class 1999-2006).

However, this car has a wheelbase of 3,050 mm, a length of 5,015 mm, a width of 1,881 mm and a height of 1,475 mm.

That is, this saloon is 205 mm longer, 82 mm wider, and 30 mm taller than W210.

Not only that, but the tested model also weighs 1,745 kg. this weight is 110 kg lighter than the BMW 5 Series. Even so, it still feels lame when weighed with Audi AG which weighs 1,550 kg.

If you pay attention, some of the Chrysler 300C’s designs are inspired by European output saloons. For example, the straight design on the side of the car and the wide grille pattern without splitting the bumper looks like an Audi A6.

Similarly, the horizontal line at the end of the bonnet, at a glance reminiscent of Mercy’s design a decade ago

Although there is a faintly European nuance, Daimler Chrysler at that time designed the 300C to be able to attract the interest of consumers in America. No wonder the typical headlights of a muscle car and some chrome ornaments come pinned.

The fender design is made thick and wide to accommodate the large alloy wheels of the favorite of Americans.

One thing to note is the rearview mirror design.

There is no problem with its shape and dimensions. However, the hiss of wind turbulence when the car is running is quite disturbing.

Behind the bonnet, a V6 engine, 3.5 liters, SOHC, 24-valve, 249 249 hp at 6,400 rpm and 340 Nm of torque at 3,800 rpm is installed.

Meanwhile, the 5-speed automatic transmission has been equipped with adaptive electronic control technology, auto stick driver-interactive manual control, and electronically modulated torque converter clutch.

The series of features is claimed to be able to make gear changes feel soft and accurate.

The composition of the front suspension adheres to a double-wishbone, independent lateral and diagonal lower links, plus spiral springs.

While at the rear, independent five-link suspension and spiral spring are arranged.

The interesting thing, that the Chrysler 300C installed 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/60 tires. A tire profile that is above average makes the wheels look like an SUV, rather than a sedan.

  1. Interior

The size of the exterior dimensions has a positive effect on foot space and broad headroom.

Also, a wide field of view is produced from the windshield. Only the length of the bus makes the driver have to find the ideal position, so as not to bother to measure the distance with other cars in the middle of heavy traffic.

Seat wrapped in gray leather gives the impression of elegance, matching the color of the dashboard and other interior panels. Indeed, this luxury saloon seat does not add massage features such as the Mercedes-Benz E300, but the front seat is equipped with a heater.

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When the engine is turned off, the seat will automatically back off for easy access. The seat position will return to the original driving position when the engine is turned on, thanks to the memory seat feature.

Not only does the Chrysler 300C provide cabin space, but it also spoils passengers and drivers with satisfactory luggage storage facilities.

In addition to storage bags on the dashboard, items can be placed in a very wide middle compartment. Not to mention the trunk capacity of 442 liters.

The dashboard surface appears minimalist. The middle fascia is not decorated with many buttons and knobs. Simple impressions can also be seen from the cluster meter design in the form of two large circles (speedometer and tachometer) which are enclosed in two small circles (indicators of fuel and temperature).

Simple five-spoke steering wheel.

Wooden paneling ornaments that create a feeling of luxury not only decorate the fascia, but half the steering wheel is also wrapped in natural patterned material.

The relief of the legroom also makes the pedal position neatly arranged.

  1. Performance

From the test trajectory, it was concluded that Chrysler did not seem to be building 300C to accelerate quickly. Although the EER-coded mechanical heart that it is carrying is capable of producing 249 hp with a specific power of 71.1 hp/ton.

These specifications should be able to produce good acceleration. But unfortunately, the 300C uses a transmission with a wide gear ratio. Therefore, acceleration from 0-100 kph was recorded in 10.8 seconds.

Compared to rivals in the same class, this record is fairly slow.

Previous road test data for the Mercy E-300, acceleration of 0-100 kph can be achieved 8.5 seconds. As a result, for performance in cities that require spontaneous acceleration and agility, the Chrysler 300C feels stiff.

But when the engine is in medium rotation (4,000-5,000 rpm), the explosion seemed to break the slow acceleration earlier. The heart’s roar of the VG’s power seems to never run out of breath.

That’s why this car feels more comfortable when driving on the highway with medium to high speed.

The Chrysler 300C benefits from a smooth and accurate 5-speed transmission (see the Under the Skin box).

As a result, the driver feels confident when kick-down on a long road, without excessive gearshift and disturbing comfort.

For braking, this sponsorship saloon stops from 80-0 kph in 2.7 seconds and a distance of 27.5 meters. Note the time is fairly good for cars that have large weights.

  1. Control and Driving

Calm and tread are two words that are suitable to describe the driving of 300C.

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Although the suspension component was adopted from Mercedes-Benz, the driving characteristics are American.

In this case, the car feels slow at the start and slowly rises to its best performance. When exploring like this, Chrysler 300C seemed to issue the actual driving character.

Chrysler 300C damping suspense deserves thumbs up. When tested through bumpy roads, the chain of shock absorbers can withstand shocks well. Turning around the corner this car offers accurate directions. Despite having a heavyweight and large dimensions, this car is capable of cornering properly.

The auto stick driver feature can be used according to the path taken. Move the transmission lever to D and the adaptive electronic control feature will adjust the transmission performance with the car’s acceleration and throttle opening.

Slide the lever to the left, operate semi-manually, move the gear according to engine speed ideal for power and torque, then the Chrysler 300C will be a bit more responsive when facing the road in the mountains.

This process can be used as an engine brake.



  1. Variant

Chrysler 300C comes in four variants: 2.7-liter entry-level (DOHC}, 3.0-liter common rail diesel (DOHC}, 3.5 liters (SOHC), and 5.7 liters, HEMI, V8.

In addition to the last model, all machines have a VG, 24-valve configuration. 300C has been equipped with front and side airbags as safety devices.

In the Asian market, 2 variants are available: 3.5 liter VG (SOHC), 24-valve and VS 5.7-liter HEMI.

As is known, HEMI is the best Chrysler engine that has been tuned.

Meanwhile, for exterior color choices, available in white, silver and black colors. The interior color choices: beige, white, and gray.

  1. Under Skin

One of the goals of using Mercedes’s various components in the 300C is to cut product development time.

Among the many parts that have become donors, it is noted that one of the best is the planting of a 5-speed automatic transmission, SG Tronic. This power line device is commonly used for Mercy V12-engined variants and full tunning models such as AMG, given its “rhino” capabilities.

How not, wide-ratio transmission {with a ratio between gears reaches 2) can withstand twisting loads up to 1,074 Nm.

When compared with the Mercy 7G-Tronic transmission which is only able to hold the moment at 731 Nm.

  1. Autocar Rating

Coming in a boxy form, the Chrysler 300C looks different in its class. Having the characteristics of a high band engine, this car is set for long trips.

Perform the gas pedal gradually, and the car will show its best work.

The racial image itself is a European-American mix with a 50:50 composition.

This is because the 300C takes the platform, transmission, and legs from the Mercedes E-Class. While the body and engine design were designed by Chrysler.


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