No Need To Worry, Here Are 5 Main Causes Of Car Breaks Down And What To Do

Car breaks down

A car breaking down suddenly is a nightmare for everyone. Not only for men, but a car breaking down suddenly will also make female drivers more panicked.

In general, the easiest way to deal with a sudden breaking down is to call a customer repair shop or a male friend. But it would be like that if after checking it turned out that the cause was due to trivial things, such as forgetting the contents of gasoline, it might be possible.

Well, because of that, from now on you also have to know the condition of your car. This is so you can know the problem with your car and thankfully be able to solve it yourself without having to ask for help from others. Especially when the vehicle broke down.

Especially for women, a girl who knows a car will be more attractive to men. So, there is no harm in learning about the vehicle engine right.

Five Causes of a Car Breaks Down Suddenly

Car breaks down

Summarizing from the official Daihatsu website, here are five things that need to be checked when your car breaks down suddenly.

  1. The clutch is used up

Clutches that are worn out or want to run out are marked by symptoms of vehicles or cars that are struggling, unable to drive at high speed, and do not have the energy to run uphill. Usually, this worn clutch is accompanied by a pungent odor like burning rubber from inside or under the car. This can be a sign that the clutch has caught fire and needs emergency treatment as soon as possible.

  1. Overheat
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Overheat occurs because the engine of a car’s vehicle is too hot. This may be because the water in the radiator cooler is too little or even has run out. Maybe it’s because they forgot to check beforehand. So, don’t forget to check some car components before the trip to avoid the car breaking down suddenly. Some things that need to be checked such as a radiator hose or other cooling system in a car engine. To be sure, it is important to carry out periodic car maintenance.

  1. Oil Indicator Light

After the engine has cooled, check the oil gauge. There is a possible reason for the lack of oil in your car’s engine. Open the front cover or hood and remove the oil-size rod from the engine. Check whether the oil is too dry and needs more or not. There is an indicator of the height of the oil in the rod of the oil cover, all you have to do is check it.

  1. Switch Starter

Although this section is often underestimated, it also plays an important role in vehicle performance. Make sure that your starter switch is still functioning correctly? The possibility of damage to this tool is quite common. That’s because this component is often used to turn on or turn off a car engine.

  1. Car Fuse

When a car breaks down suddenly or suddenly, don’t forget to check this often forgotten part, the car fuse. Check the fuse box at the bottom of the hood and steering properly. Make sure everything is functioning properly, not damaged or melted. If something is broken, it is best to immediately replace it with a new one so that the problem with the vehicle breaking down can be resolved immediately.

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Car breaks down can occur anytime and anywhere. Therefore, I always carry enough spare equipment in the car, such as a jack, spare tire, flashlight, mine, fuse, spare engine oil brake oil, and others. Equally important is the safety triangle to inform other passengers that a car has broken down in front of them.

Well, that’s just a review of the causes of the car breaking down suddenly you need to know. Hope this is useful.

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