It’s Easy, Here’s How To Save Fuel With Magnets

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It's Easy, Here's How To Save Fuel With Magnets

There are various ways to save fuel on vehicles both cars and motorcycles.

One of them is how to economical fuel with magnets.

How to save fuel by using magnets is already no stranger. Some products in the market already use magnets for technology to save the consumption of gasoline and diesel vehicles.

This magnetic technology has a simple working principle. The magnetic field will affect the hydrogen and carbon present in the fuel. The chemical elements that exist in gasoline are iso-octane (C8H18) and n-pentane (C5H12).

The function of this magnet will arrange hydrogen (H) and carbon (C) to be neater to maximize the quality of the gasoline or fuel. Without this magnet, the arrangement of H and C in gasoline will be random and irregular.

It's Easy, Here's How To Save Fuel With Magnets

How to make fuel-efficient with magnets

If you want to make your magnet as a fuel saver for your gasoline, then the following methods you can use:

  1. The easiest way is to use a used speaker magnet

The trick is to just take the existing magnet in the used speaker then you make a hole. This hole functions to run the petrol hose because this magnet will be attached to the gas hose channel that goes to your vehicle’s engine carburetor. That is all.

  1. The second method uses a magnet that is used as a gauze that is gouged

You can use the magnetic former from any motor. The trick is to cut 2cm in size using a hacksaw or other tool. Make 2 pieces and do not immediately paste.

But first, see how many millimeters the polar repulsion distance ‘S’ (south) and ‘N’ (North). The size was used as a benchmark for the diameter of the gasoline hose.

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Do not forget, the effective distance to determine the diameter of the gasoline hose. Because there will be a magnetic impact that affects the molecular gasoline so it breaks easily.

If the fuel hose is too small, it must be propped up so that it is the same size as the effective distance. The booster can be anything, it can be rubber or the former hose.

After the hose is the right size or has been propped up, stick two magnets in the gasoline hose near the carburetor after the filter. Its position is ‘N’ facing ‘S’ so that they stick together. So as not to fall, use a plastic strap to tie it.

Well, those are 2 ways you can use to economize fuel with magnets. Indeed, this method is a bit complicated and if it does not fit, the results will also not be maximal.

For those who do not want to be bothered and want the results to be sure, they can use a saver product that uses magnetic technology. Of course, this is easier for you because it does not need to be complicated and the product has been measured correctly.

That was information about economical fuel with magnets that could be additional information for you. Hopefully, this can solve the problem with your vehicle.

Good luck.

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