[Easy Tips] How to Save on Old Car Fuel Consumption

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[Easy Tips] How to Save on Old Car fuel consumption

Older cars with large cylindrical contents require little funding for fuel consumption costs.

It can be said to be reasonable because a large cylinder would require a large amount of fuel to run the engine. However, if your car is medium CC, but it is wasteful, something could be wrong. Especially, if you are looking for articles on how to save on old car gasoline, your car should not be so wasteful. The question is where is the problem?

2 things need to be seen to ensure your old car’s wasteful gasoline. The first is from how to drive, and the second from the condition of your car’s engine.

Alright, let us briefly review these two things to find ways to save fuel on your old car.

[Easy Tips] How to Save on Old Car fuel consumption

Tips on Saving Fuel on Old Cars

The first we will discuss is about the habits of how to drive your car, whether it spurs wasteful consumption of gasoline or not.

Try to see some tips on how to drive a car so that more fuel-efficient below.

  1. Slowly step on the gas pedal

One way to save on gasoline consumption of old cars is by driving habits. Stepping on the car gas pedal becomes one of the important factors in the fuel requirements of your car’s engine.

In stepping on the car gas pedal, you should do it slowly and gradually. Do not immediately tread deeply because it will make car fuel to be wasteful and useless.

  1. Keep the Car Speed ​​Constant

Keeping the car’s speed constant is also a factor that will determine your car’s gasoline consumption.

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A steady speed will certainly make the car engine also stable in spending energy and impact on gasoline savings as well.

It’s different if you bring a vehicle with an unstable speed or speeding. For example, if the road is jammed, the speed of the car will be very unstable, because sometimes the car will go forward and stop suddenly. This will make gasoline consumption more wasteful than usual.

  1. Reduce the use of AC

The use of this AC is relatively dependent on the use and habits of the driver. For those of you who can’t stand the heat in a car cabin, reducing the use of air conditioning isn’t the right choice for you. It’s just that, for the sake of saving gasoline or fuel, minimizing the use of this AC will have a significant effect on the fuel consumption of your old car.

  1. Releasing the Gas Pedal Early

Releasing the accelerator is just before you stop.

For example, if you are driving and in front of seeing the intersection of red lights and being lit red, then inevitably you have to stop at that intersection right?

Well, one of the tips to save your car’s fuel consumption is to release the accelerator earlier and let the car run without power from the engine.

These tips are also a way to drive the car more smoothly when stopping because it reduces the effect of stepping on the brakes when you want to stop.

Well, apart from how to drive the car above, how to save on old car gasoline must also be seen from the condition of the car engine itself. Especially the age of a car that is too old certainly different conditions with newer cars because the engine has worn out.

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Especially for how to save a car because the condition of the engine that is too old requires little cost and maintenance. It is more advisable to just bring it to your service station to see the overall condition of the car engine.

However, if you have done this and are still not satisfied, maybe the last way is to use a car fuel saver.

That was a few tips and ways to save on old car gasoline. I hope this is useful to you.

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