7 Ways To Modify Motors That Are Forbidden For Daily Use

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7 Ways To Modify Motors That Are Forbidden For Daily Use

Modifying a motorbike is indeed a fun activity because in addition to being a cooler motorbike and increasing the confidence of those who have a motorbike, modifying the motorbike also increases our knowledge of automotive. However, how to modify the motor that is not right will only make us look even worse and useless.

The correct way to modify the motorbike must prioritize the principle of not endangering the rider himself and others. Do not let these two principles compete for the sake of the appearance of the motor and the egoism of the owner alone.

Well, here are some ways to modify the motor that should not be done so as not to make it worse.

7 Ways To Modify Motors That Are Forbidden For Daily Use

Motorcycle Modifications That You Should Avoid

You should not make modifications and design vehicles like this:

1. Noisy muffler

Replacing the muffler is one of the most common ways of motor modification. But, many people who just choose the muffler just from its shape and as long as it fits just with the engine holder, even though the sound makes the eardrum want to burst.

Usually, the way to choose a vehicle muffler like that is caused by not much budget. Maybe so …

2. Small Tires

Besides the noisy exhaust, changing tires with a small size is also often done. Actually, it is okay to change tires with a small size, as long as it is used for exhibitions and not to go to the streets, especially uneven roads.

Changing the size of the tire with a smaller one will reduce the strength of the tire itself when gripping the asphalt or the road. It also reduces the power of the brakes to put a halt to your vehicle. Changing tires with a size that is too small also makes it look a little weird. It tastes from the appearance, but from the principle of modifying the vehicle, it is detrimental.

3. Extreme color

Changing the color of the motorcycle should not be too extreme different from the original color. Not because in terms of appearance is worse, it’s not that, but the appearance of colors that are different from the original will make the color of your motorcycle be not the same as the motorcycle specs in the vehicle registration. It’s strange and suspicious. You might consider your two-wheeled vehicles different from vehicle registration. Risk of being taken by the police officer.

4. Ground Clearance Too Short

How to modify the motorbike that used to be booming is Ground Clearance Too Short. Uh, even now we still often find it on the streets with a redesigned vehicle like that.

Ground Clearance is too short it will trouble yourself when driving on potholes or non-smooth roads.

Also, we will not dare to drive a vehicle fast because of the risk of easy falling when crashing into potholes as well as suspension conditions that become hard and uncomfortable.

5. Colorful Lights

Put a lot of colorful lights on your motorcycle? Your motorbike is not a truck that needs colorful lights to clarify the vision of other drivers. Installing colorful lights can also use up your motor’s electricity consumption and make the battery run out quickly.

6. The lamp is too bright

This is one of the most annoying ways to modify the motorbike, which is to replace the front and rear lights with a light that is too bright. The bright lights of the motorbike are indeed very helpful for the rider to clarify the vision, but it makes the glare of the rider in front and behind him. Well, this is dangerous. Very detrimental to others!

7. Lots of Stickers

Stick lots of careless stickers to make your motorcycle look ugly. If you want to put a sticker, take it to a special workshop that can put a sticker with a good pattern. Don’t do it alone at home if you can’t or the results will look even worse.

That was a few tips on how to modify the motorbike that you should avoid so it doesn’t look worse. Hope it can be useful for you.

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